By 2050 more than 75 per cent of the world's population, nine billion people, will live in cities, and the products of AkzoNobel will inevitably have a major influence in the process of urban transformation. The intention is to make the cities vibrant and stimulating, help citizens to be protagonists in the process of transformation, growth and achievement of goals of full sustainability that are essential at a time of energetic crisis, and not only. 

AkzoNobel has therefore launched a "Manifesto", elaborating the main elements of the Human Cities, such as colour, the heritage of private homes and monuments, transport, sports, education and sustainability. 

For the occasion, AkzoNobel has organised the event in Campo Santo Stefano, developing, with the collaboraion of the Cruyff Foundation, a makeshift soccer pitch, the Cruyff Court.

A green plastic carpet was laid over the grey of the masegni stones, colouring the Venetian field. Demonstrators, professional jugglers, entertained the audience with their stunts and involving pedestrians, young and old, in juggles and micro football matches.

Venice, a city perhaps that embodies the greatest expression of sustainability, might as well offer, thanks to AzkoNobel and the project "Human Cities", a new protected area for recreation and sports, both of which are important, if not fundamental in the development of a collective identity, current and future, of the community.

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Customer: AkzoNobel
Production: ITER srl
Type: flash mob
Date: June 6, 2014
Location: Campo S. Stefano, Venice