More than 1.000.000 attendants, with daily peaks of 150.000 persons, 18 days of events and celebrations: from the prologue to the Martedì grasso (Shrove Tuesday) that marks the grand finale of the gala.
Crowds are expected to peak during the three weekends of the event, the Thursday before Lent and the last day.


Carnival of Venice brochure


The Carnival of Venice (video)

Il Volo dell'Angelo (video)

Grand Opening del Carnevale (video)

Festa delle Marie (video)

Official Dinner Show and Ball of the Carnival (video)


Main events:
First weekend: opening / Festa Veneziana that opens the Carnival in Cannaregio with the water rowing parade of the unique boats and the gastronomic stalls  with the traditional carnival delicacies
Second weekend: beginning of the shows in St. Mark’s square, the Flight of the Angel, «Festa delle Marie» (it evokes an historic event and now a beauty parade in traditional venetian period costumes), historical groups and parade
Fat Thursday: ballad of the Masks with the “Beheading of the Bull”
Third weekend: the Best Masked Costume Contest Final, the Flight of the Eagle, the flight of the donkey in Mestre 
Mardi Gras: the «Svolo del Leon» and the The Festa delle Marie Award Ceremony
Throughout the period: dailiy Best Masked Costume contests, cultural events (special visits to the main museums and cultural city’s sites, exhibition, theatrical performance), dinner show, dj-set.


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