Venice and its “heart”, Saint Mark’s Square, have been the setting of the spectacular advertising of fashion house Louis Vuitton, “L’invitation au voyage”, in which fashion model Arizona Muse took off on an air balloon, after the first part of shooting was set in Paris at the Louvre Museum.

The advertising, which runs for 60 seconds, involved a 120-staff crew, with the supervision of Vela S.p.A.
Venice has always been dear to Louis Vuitton, as stated by Michael Burke, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton “It is itself the symbol of travelling and opening up to other worlds. It is also an art and architecture city, that has always been able to combine the taste of beauty, elegance and the art of living”.

The Maison, which also opened its new prestigious Venetian store in the rationalistic palace designed in 1936 by Brenno del Giudice, has always been close to the City, contributing to the recovery and safeguard of its heritage with the restoration of the Venice Pavilion at the Biennale Gardens and the restoration of Pompeo Marino Molmenti’s masterpiece “Death of Othello” dated 1879.

Vela S.p.A. coordinated the authorization process for the shooting in Saint Mark’s Square.


Custumer: Louis Vuitton
Agencies: Full Moon – 360 Degrees Film
Type: private event
Date: 24 June 2013
Location: St. Mark Square, Venezia 
Project manager: Nicola Catullo