"CreArt by Swatch" has been created in cooperation with Venezia Marketing & Eventi. The event has taken place on June 30th, 2009.
The famous Swiss watch brand has become leader of the market thanks to its young materials and its new design. Now Swatch, through its new collection created by four different contemporary artists, has chosen to promote the Art.

Venezia Marketing & Eventi has been able to fulfill the requirements of the Swiss brand by offering one of the most charming stages of the world: Piazza S. Marco. The happening has been included in the 2009 Summer Events' Program which hosted stars of the international music world, like Andrea Bocelli, Simple Minds and Leonard Cohen.
After taking part to the design of the 2009 Collection, Billy the Artist has been chosen to present the concept of the new collection.

In order to celebrate "Swatch Artist collection 2009", a contemporary art show has been organized and performed by Billy the Artist himself while some videos have been filmed on the walls of S. Marco square's buildings.
An audience of 30.000 people have took part to the event around the branded stage where a reserved area has been equipped for guests and Swatch customers.

Now the Swatch added value consists in the sponsorship of new talents in the Arts field which involves not only its customers but also the whole audience!
The joint venture between Swatch and the city of Venice, previously experienced during the Regata Storica and the Carnevale, has now become even stronger.


Client: Swatch 
Publicity Agency: Oltrex
Production Agency: Swiss' mate
Type: public event
Date: 30th June 2009
Location: Piazza San Marco, Venezia
Project manager: Nicola Catullo

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