Chip on paper

The new electronic ticketing system chip on paper is a new media for the sale of tickets, essential to use the Actv public transport service.

Chip on paper has a classic “card format” size and can be customized on one side, starting from one million units.

This type of tool, universally distributed by ticket points and authorized dealers, is recommended for communication campaigns lasting approximately a couple of months. Data sheet

Venezia Unica Maps

Venice maps are sold at € 3.00.

The map front shows a classic, detailed city map and its back shows a series of short descriptions of the landmarks shown on its face. Maps are available at each Venezia Unica ticket point and offered by the staff to all tourist clients.

It is possible to buy map advertising space, for a total of 50,000 copies, highlighting the company position on the map (112,5 mm x 159 mm). The map of Venice is printed on recycled paper, easy to fold and weatherproof, always ready for traveler consultation. Data sheet


Banners on company websites  

A multimedia tool like a banner – something to be placed not only on www.carnevale.venezia.it, www.regatastoricavenezia.it,  www.veneziaunica.it portals, ­ certainly can't be missing from VELA's offer. The internet banner is a dynamic support oriented to a type of young clientele interested in certain Venezia Unica services, like ticket sales for events and information about public transport; available in 4 different sizes, the banner takes advantage of its position in the internet portal which counts as many as 15 million pages being visited yearly.


Hand to hand

The great stream of people gravitating around the Hellovenezia ticket points can be also capitalised by “hand to hand” operations.
At the following Venezia Unica ticket points: Piazzale Roma, Stazione Ferroviaria, Rialto, S. Marco Vallaresso, S. Zaccaria Danieli, S. Zaccaria Jolanda, Lido, Tronchetto and Punta Sabbioni, it is possible to organise a distribution activity of flyers or other free material.
Depending on location and type of product, it is therefore possible to address the entire target of users, even for just one day, upon specific requirement. Data sheet


Promo Point
The use of advertising space or areas for promotional initiatives, distribution of flyers or free product samples.
Advertising space inside the P.le Roma agency where it is possible to advertise one’s business or to position a suitable structure for promotion (no form of sale is allowed). Size 1.3mt x 3.0mt.




Isola del Tronchetto, 21 - 30135 Venezia - Tel: 041 2722674 Fax: 041 2722663

E-mail: adv@velaspa.com


Isola del Tronchetto, 21 - 30135 Venezia
Tel: 041 2722674
Fax: 041 2722663