The experience beyond the network

Set up in 1998 by ACTV Spa (Azienda Veneziana del Trasporto Pubblico Locale, the Venice Public Transport Company) with the mission of developing the company's commercial activities, over the years, Vela SpA has developed a role as an interface between the system of public transport and its users (both Venetians and visitors), extending the offer of services to other important cultural institutions in the city.

The Vela reality is characterised by a multipurpose mission which translates into the daily management of numerous different products and services aimed at maintaining the correct relationship between the brand, the local area, citizens and tourists.

Vela has an extensive network of 41 ticket offices distributed at the access points to the city, in the historic city centre, on the islands and in the main towns on the mainland, with more than 200 multilingual frontline sales staff, supported in synergy by the www.veneziaunica.it web site which handle about 46,000 clients/year on the web.

www.veneziaunica.it is an e­commerce platform managed by Ve.La upon commission from the City of Venice, has been developed by Venis Spa. It represents the client's interface in a complex e­commerce platform connecting the main frameworks of Venice's museums, transport system and services. During 2017, the Venezia Unica platform achieved sales for ten million euros with an increase of more than 35% on the preceding year (according to information from the Polytechnic University in Milan, in October 2017, the national average increase on e­commerce websites was 12%).

Therefore, Venezia Unica is a unique case of systems' integration involving ticketing and access to public and private services on the national territory. Because of its economic performance and extent of both information and sales services, it candidates itself as the leading tourist portal for an Italian city.


The commitment and professional background of Vela is even more firmly established through the direct offer and commercial management of an exclusive range of proposals customised on the basis of a 360? analysis of the interests of the tourist market, without ever neglecting the needs of the local community:

Art: information and admission to the main exhibitions and art venues;
Events: conception, organisation and management of special events in the city;
Hire: hire of ACTV means of transport - buses, shuttles, boats and special craft;
Sport: season ticket campaign for Venezia Calcio and box office for the main sports events in Italy;
Theatre: season ticket campaign for the La Fenice Theatre and Malibran Theatre, tickets for the Venice Biennial, box office for the Goldoni Theatre;
Local Public Transport: information, routes, timetables, Venezia Unica and season ticket and travel document issue, promotion of special facilities, for tourists available online;
Venezia Unica city pass: the tourist utility card for Venice's visitors.

Ever more so today, in a market scenario largely characterised by a growing standardisation of the products and services offered, Vela S.p.A. aims to represent its own style, method of working and visual language, with the precise objective of constantly revitalising the Venice system, offering citizens a reliable reference point with an extensive presence throughout the city and providing visitors with high quality and reliable services with an easy and secure bookings and purchase procedure.