Venezia Unica

Through a council mandate, Vela was entrusted with the Venezia Unica system, and since 7th October, 2013, has incorporated the “Venice Connected” project into it, while also expanding on the project itself. Vela aims to equip the city with an integrated digital system, providing standard/unified access for Residents and Tourists and support for the “Digital Citizenship” project.

Venezia Unica is a multifunctional, e-commerce platform developed by Venis S.p.A and represents the client interface of a complex platform connecting the main transport, museum and service structures of the City of Venice. The Venezia Unica city pass reunites the “Venice Card” packet offer to the easy-to-use “Venice Connected”, and surpasses both, by blending them, thus uniting convenience and flexibility.

A single container, the city pass, to present and sell a wide offer of services: transport, museums, WiFi, rest-room services etc., with the perspective of gradually increasing the proposal with other offers and methods of access, and the outlook for a complete dematerialization of products.

The Venice Unica system is characterized as being the City's official tourist portal, the innovative “key” perfecting access to services. The Venezia Unica system has a website, a unified access portal to the city and converses with citizens and visitors even through social network channels – Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram e Pinterest.

Therefore, on national territory, Venezia Unica is a unique case, representing the integration of ticketing systems and access to private and public structures. It candidates itself as being the top Italian city portal for tourists in economic performance, as well as for its wide range of informative offers and services on sale.

The system takes advantage of the city's information network and integrates resources of participating ones – AVM, Vela, Venis, Veritas, Musei Civici (City Museums).

The website integrates new methods of e-commerce and information management allowing improvement and the possibility to increase web sales, while counting on covering system costs through “fees” deriving from sales.

Services on sale on the Venezia Unica website

At the moment the following services are on sale, even as packet offers - ACTV public transport, Alilaguna transport, Bike Sharing, Car Sharing, Council Car Parking, Civic Museums (even for the Venice-born and Venice residents), Veritas rest-rooms (even for residents over 65 years of age), Alilaguna, museum centre, council WiFi, Jewish Museum, Querini Stampalia Foundation, churches on the Chorus circuit.

VENEZIA UNICA, a different commercial approach: B2B and RESELLERS

In order to develop special B2B price lists and packets, Venezia Unica City Pass organizes special commercial agreements with suppliers of services sold through the platform.

Venezia Unica is an open platform allowing integration with third-party websites in order to permit the sales of its services and products on other portals.