Every year Venice attracts millions of visitors to events of worldwide importance.
Among these is the Festa del Redentore, a unique opportunity for capacity attractions, exclusive opportunities for businesses and marketers.

The  Festa del Redentore  is one of the holidays most sincerely felt by the Venetians, thanks to the spectacular firework display that on the night of Saturday, attracts thousands of visitors: the unbeatable backdrop of Saint Mark's Basin play of light and reflections produce a kaleidoscope of colors.
The celebrations include a solemn and religious procession to the Basilica of Palladio on Giudecca island, to which we can still be reached on a pilgrimage through a huge pontoon bridge 330 meters long.

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There is a further opportunity to organise an exclusive Dinner for the Feast of the Redeemer (Festa del Redentore) for 50 people at the Arsenal’s Torre di Porta Nuova (Porta Nuova Tower), including use of the terrace overlooking Venice.. The Tower was built during the Venetian Republic period; it has been completely renovated, creating prestigious and refined areas, combining the charm of a fully recovered ancient structure with very modern and elegant architectural solutions and contemporary design.

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