The Venice Arsenale, in the heart of the old Venice naval industry, is today a completely renovated location which reveals the grandness of the old Venice shipyard. The covered pavilions, each sized approximately 1,000 sqm, are perfectly suited to host private and corporate events.

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The Venice Arsenale used to be the heart of the Venice naval industry from the XII century. One of the largest production centres of pre-industrial age, with thousands of operators employed, it was not just considered a shipyard but also the pulsing heart of the power and military strength of the Republic of Venice.

The fully renovated spacious inner areas and their unique surroundings are perfectly fit to host grand authentic events in an incomparable historical setting.
Tese are covered pavilions where the sails of the old ships used to be stretched (in Italian tese): Tese delle Nappe, Tese di San Cristoforo, Tesa 99, Tesa 100, Tesa 105 and Tesa 113.







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